A Note from our Spiritual Leader

May! A time of blossoming, of flowers becoming fruit, of a sense of growth at Unity Church of Shreveport!

You can see the difference in all areas of our building, inside and outside! We dedicated our new permanent sign, as well as our new free CommUnity Library and Pantry on May 7th . There’s plenty of pictures included this issue for you to enjoy.

The surprise (at least for me!) was that it turned into a birthday celebration for me! WOW! Thank you so much everyone!

May, in Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore’s attributes of the Twelve Powers of Man, is dedicated to Power. The spiritual idea that is Unity Church of Shreveport has the power of a tender shoot growing through concrete to become a mighty tree.

Many times we take our own power for granted. The many changes here have been happening over time, and some of us only experienced a portion of the transformation. In fact, since we are in fact one in God, our joint consciousness and energy has come together in this present good! (Grin, and pat yourself on the back!)

Let’s vision our ideal church and then come together to share our ideas! Please plan to enjoy a brainstorm of positive possibilities, including the near now, the soon now, and the far now…God is infinite possibility!